Prof. Launer and his team organize different events for the Institute for Non-Profit Services gGmbH.

International Service Management Conferences

Every year in November, Prof. Launer and his team organise an international non-profit online conference on Zoom on the topic of the latest management theories – Contemporary Studies in Management: CoSiM.
For the CoSiM conferences we ask for abstracts and so-called papers on the topics:

  • Management, e.g. decision theory
  • Digitalisation and digital transformation
  • Sustainability, recycling & organic farming
  • Education through online formats (eLearning)
  • Social topics such as intercultural integration, diversity, inclusion and equality

Information on the next Service Congress can be found here.
Videos of our previous conferences can be found on our YouTube channel.

International Workshops in Uelzen & Berlin

In Uelzen and Berlin, Prof. Launer and his team organise international worshops in presence. This is not only about research, but also about non-profit projects, cooperations and start-up companies.

Information on the next workshop can be found here.

Videos of our previous workshops can be found on our YouTube channel.

International Lectures

As part of his professorship, Prof. Launer and his colleagues organize International Lectures with foreign guest professors. Currently, the service congresses focus around the research projects Digital Trust & Teamwork, E-Learning and Intuitive Business Administration. The congresses also include a job and career fair.

Presentation competition (DE)

As part of his teaching on the subject of scientific work Prof. Launer organizes with the support of Intersoft Consulting Services AG, board member Thorsten Logemann and the Institut für gemeinnützige Services gGmbH, organizes competitions for the best scientific presentation.

YouTube Channel from Prof. Dr. Markus Launer

Information about the next International Lectures Suderburg can be found here (DE)