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OnCampus E-Learning

Free e-learning courses for
school and work, for socially
disadvantaged and for the
intercultural integration of
foreign citizens in Germany.

Our Institute offers various e-learning services from e-learning advice to intercultural integration for migrants and refugees to video contributions from science.


Scientific research on

Contemporary Studies in Management

Research on Digitalization

Digitization in all areas of our lifes poses great challenges for everyone. In particular, digitaliztion through modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatGPT, robotics, big data, augmented reality, etc. But digital trust in the workplace also plays a major role in digital transformation.

Research on Management Theory & Intuition

The management of companies and organizations must always adapt to new developments and upheavals. Research on management theory is therefore constantly changing. There is still a research gap in the area of decision-making based on intuition, the transformation through digitization and diversity.

Research on Education

The digitalization of education and the conversion of education management and technologies represent a challenge for all educational institutions, especially blended and e-learning as well as the management of educational institutions.

Research on Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Sustainability and environmental protection are among the greatest challenges of our time. With this research series, we are making a contribution to an (even) better world.

Methodology and Scientific Research

Scientific work is a challenge for all researchers, from bachelor , master, and Ph.D. students to top researchers.

Our current Courses on Intercultural Integration

Our current courses on the subject of intercultural integration can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute for Non-Profit Services gGmbH (Link).

Supporting schools in the Philippines

We collect donations for schools and other educational institutions in Cebu City in the Philippines.

The people there are particularly poor and needy. The donations go directly to the schools via local volunteers. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Devonry Legarte.