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Institute for Non-Profit Services gGmbH

We have bundled our social services in the Institut für gemeinnützige Dienstleistungen gGmbH. We support various charitable projects. In particular, we are supported by the Lower Saxony Lotto Sport Foundation. We are constantly looking for sponsors and volunteers for new projects. Please contact us and support us.

Overview of our current social projects

  • COVID-19 Immediate Action Program
  • Intercultural Integration
  • Social E-Learning
  • Art classes Favela Rocinha
  • Integration through Open Universities
  • Other social projects

Support our social projects

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We would like to thank all sponsors, especially:


Support for schools in the Philippines

In the Philippines, we support selected schools with learning and writing materials. Particularly needy children should be supported to be better integrated in school and to be able to learn. Devonry Legarte, who was born in the Philippines, is responsible for this.



Covid19 Immediate Action Program

At the beginning of 2020, Prof. Launer’s team launched an immediate action program for high schools, technical colleges and vocational schools at short notice. The background is the school closures during the Covid19 crisis. Learners need to be prepared for the Abitur in the short term. Since many schools do not have e-learning offerings, the Institute for Community Service stepped in with live lectures led by OStR Frank Nierath (Berufsbildende Schulen I, Uelzen). The principal, OStD Stephan Nowatschin had made this possible. A well-rehearsed team builds on the good learning successes from previous years.


Intercultural integration

Since September 2016, voluntary and full-time refugee helpers and all those involved in the integration of migrants in Lower Saxony and throughout Germany have been able to take part in more than 50 free online training courses offered by Prof. Markus Launer and his team of specialists. Parallel to the individual modules offered, certificate courses have been set up that end with a final paper and are rewarded with certificates. This social project is sponsored by the Lower Saxony Lotto Sport Foundation in Hanover.


Social E-Learning – continuing education for the socially disadvantaged

The socially disadvantaged and the needy will be supported and cared for via e-learning offerings.  Women are to be integrated more strongly into working life (equal rights), as are the disabled (inclusion), senior citizens are to participate further in public life (integration) and, above all, young people are to be given a good start (education). Continuing education is an important issue for everyone. This continuing education offer is therefore aimed at all people who want to continue their education based on current trends. The online lessons are free of charge for everyone. Therefore we are dependent on donations. Support us so that we can support others.


Art classes for poor children in the Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro

The poor children from the Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro are to be offered a perspective via voluntary art lessons (art educational support). Favela artist Marcus Wark has been working voluntarily with the children on the project for years, as he himself was affected as a child. Due to the high crime rate and drug problems in Brazil, not only are more and more children in danger, but the sources of money are also drying up. High mistrust in the correct transfer of the funds let the donation sources dry up increasingly. Prof. Launer, together with the managing director Dirk Böse of the agency Rio Up and Down, has made it his task to secure funding for the initiative. The support goes directly to art classes. Please donate to support our work.


Integration via education at „Open Universitys“

Open Universities are teaching institutes offering flexible, high-quality online distance learning. Sometimes referred to as e-learning or distance learning, this method allows students to access globally recognized degree programs without discrimination or prior education. These so-called distance learning programs have evolved significantly in recent years and now provide a good alternative to degree programs at traditional university campuses. The Open University (OU) in the UK, for example, has more than 40 years of experience in distance learning, has educated more than 1.8 million students to date, and offers world-leading, innovative and highly regarded degree programs. The courses offered by the Open University of the Philippines (UPOU) are also in English and completely online with no face-to-face classes. This allows everyone on earth to study there online. The Open University of Kaohsiung (OUK) in Taiwan offers similar programs in Chinese. We support these activities with marketing and consulting.


Other social projects

Find here more social projects of Prof. Markus Launer and his team. For example:

  • Ambassador for the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz
  • Art sponsorship
  • Xing New York and Washington