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Sponsorship and Donations


The Institut für Dienstleistungen gGmbH, is a non-profit organization in Suderburg and Berlin (Germany). More Information on our Social Services you find here:

English: https://institutfuerdienstleistungen.com/en/social-service/

German: https://institutfuerdienstleistungen.com/soziale-dienstleistung/

We encourage you to donate for our social and e-learning services. “Spendenbescheinigung” can be provided if you send us an email parallel with your full name, address, and tax number. The Sparkasse of Uelzen is one of our donor. Our bank account is Institut für gemeinnützige Dienstleistungen gGmbH, Commerzbank AG, IBAN DE75 1008 0000 0516 0303 00, BIC DRESDEFF100, Stichwort „Social and e-learning donation“

Get in direct touch with our Donation Manager for Intercultural Integration Devonry Legarte. E-Mail Legarte@InstitutFuerDienstleistungen.com


Donations from the Uelzen Province

We are located in Suderburg in the Uelzen Province (Lower Saxony). Our local networking and sponsoring is managed by Dipl.Vw. Joachim Deleklat. Get in touch with him today to discuss your donation and sponsoring opportunities: Delekat@InstitutFuerDienstleistungen.com



We offer a branding and marketing support for your company. Our Institut für Dienstleistungen gGmbH is active since 2015.


Intercultural Integration and Diversity

In the area of Intercultural Integration and Diversity we developed over the course of 8 years a well known brand name and many cooperation’s. Your organization will greatly benefit by sponsoring our E-Learning Services and the Conference Day at our 7th Conference on Contemporary in Management (CoSiM). An international audience around the globe will attend the Conference as well as international speakers from Korea to California. One of our Sponsor is the Niedersächsische Lotto Sport Stiftung, Hannover, and the Vocational School 1 in Uelzen (Germany). More information you find

E-Learning Services: https://institutfuerdienstleistungen.com/e-learning-dienstleistungen/

7th CoSiM Conference: https://institutfuerdienstleistungen.com/en/7th-conference-2023/

Please give us a call or send an email to set up an individual sponsorship scheme. We classify the following sponsorships:

  • Sponsoring one specific class (12 Webinars): 2.000 Euro
  • Sponsoring a Semester (4 classes): 8.000 Euro
  • Key Sponsorship and cooperation: 20.000 Euro


Get in direct touch with our Founder and Managing Director Dr. Markus Launer or Donation manager Devonry Legarte and develop with him an individual marketing scheme. E-Mail Legarte@InstitutFuerDienstleistungen.com


New offer: Special Company Sponsorship Program  

Sustainability, Circular Economy & Recycling

@ the 7th international Conference for Contemporary Studies in Management (CoSiM)

The Institut für gemeinnützige Dienstleistungen gGmbH has a new Sponsoring Program for Sustainability, Circular Economy, and Recycling. This is a great opportunity to advertise or marketing your public image as an environmentally friendly organization. We also bring you in direct touch with many companies in the field of circular economy, nationally in Germany as well as globally from Korea to California. We gladly develop your individual sponsor scheme benefiting your sustainability goals. We offer you marketing reach and marketing material such as individual Conference Videos (before and after the Conference).

You may want to sponsor our 7th international Conference on Contemporary Studies in management (CoSiM) with the Special Event on Sustainability, Circular Economy & Recycling and meet with us for your individual Sponsoring Program. Please see our Conference Plan here:

CoSiM Conference https://institutfuerdienstleistungen.com/en/7th-conference-2023/

Sustainability Special


Standard sponsor programs are

Regular Speech: 1.000 Euro (incl. listing in the program)

Key Note Speech: 2.000 Euro (incl. listing with picture in the program)

Marketing Package: 5.000 Euro (Key Note Speech and Marketing Actions)

Sponsor: 10.000 Euro

Key Sponsor: 20.000 Euro


Sponsor receive special service in Berlin incl. representation, networking, and marketing support. Get in direct touch with our Founder and Managing Director Dr. Markus Launer and develop with him an individual marketing scheme. E-Mail Launer@InstitutFuerDienstleistungen.com


We are dedicated to the 17 SDG by the UNO and the EU